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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

With a Whimper

I made it out this morning for a short run, 3.5 or so to Franklin Field and back, just to get things rolling again. Had these expectations now, with a clear race calendar, that I could do anything I wanted. This morning reminded me that it is still cold out there, that I still don't feel like getting up at 6 am to put in miles, and that if I want to do all the wonderful things I am dreaming about I'm still going to need to get there by the same means I've always had to, traveling an endless, circuitous journey of many miles.

Given that, today was that single step that these cursed long journeys start with. Unassuming to be sure, but I'm again on my way. Don't know where to yet either, but ultimately I'm guessing to some fall destination.

That being said, I did get to run past the Fisher Fine Arts Library on Penn campus and see its brownstone exterior basking in the morning sun. It is one of my favorite running sights and energizes me on the occasions when I time things right to catch it.


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