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Thursday, April 09, 2009


I'm on a roll lately. Today was one of those runs where I was just glad to be out there.

Headed down to MLK Drive to rev it up a bit. I hesitate to be more specific than that; all I wanted to do was run fast a little. "Fast" and "little" were the key words, with the latter - at 2 miles - easier to operationalize than the former. I started out at a 7 minute pace and figured it a reach to break 13 minutes for two miles. I had more speed than I thought, however, and nailed them in 12:52.

Nothing to write on a blog about, but I was happy with it. It represents my umpteenth start towards something, but I will go back to the well one more time. This gives me something to build on. A little faster and/or a little longer each week. And I'll be writing about it here.

On my way home, going up Montgomery just before Belmont I decided to take a little shortcut to bypass that intersection. On my way I noticed that the gate to the Horticultural Gardens was open, and suddenly it was a long-cut. I haven't been in the Gardens, except for when the Philadelphia Marathon course ran through it, since Tony was in a running stroller. The perfect time of year to improvise (for the second straight day) and I found a little route through the gardens that let me out in the back of the Please Touch Museum. There was flora, and there also was sculpture, like the one pictured, which exploded with metaphor.

Running by art and spring colors, and the world transforms. Headed back through West Philly and saw boundless possibilities in everything. Life is good. 9 miles here, 72:32.


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