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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

45 Now

Thanks for the birthday wishes. It's good to see some of the folks that lurk come out occasionally. I can identify with that, as my tendency is to remain in the shadows while keeping up on what folks have to write of their various exploits. I also admire folks, Mike Salkowski and Joseph Wood come to mind, who have at times really worked on keeping in contact with a network of bloggers. I'd like to be like that, but, like a diet or a new year's resolution, the effort generally backslides. Facebook is the same way, I tried to keep up with it for a little while, but now I check in mainly to read what other folks are up to. And before that, it was the same with letter writing. Oh well.

On to running. Club West Philly is disbanded for a bit, I expect we will reconstitute soon but in the meantime its harder to get out of the house without a set time to meet and people waiting. But once I got out it was another up, springy run, this time out west. Took some paths along Cobbs Creek as an alternative to a part of the bike trail with mixed results. But mainly it satisfied a craving for exploration and something different. And now I'm familiar with another wrinkle of running in that area.

I also dug up Springsteen's Magic cd and put it on my iPod again. I heard Radio Nowhere yesterday and wanted that energy. It did deliver, with the odd feelings that come with a song that I associate with running over a particular, past period of time - in this case with training for Boston in '08.

Call it 10k, untimed, along this route.


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