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Monday, April 13, 2009


Erin's back around and running, and we met up for an easy 3.5 to Cobb's Creek and back on Cedar Ave. We caught up some, she talking about the misadventures of Iris and me talking about misadventures of M's college selection process. And then the run was over.

Run was slow; Erin was coming off of an extended layoff and I was sore after yesterday. I felt old this morning, as it took a long time for my creaky legs to get warmed up. This after my realization, upon finishing blogging yesterday, that while the 12.5 Easter miles I ran was a good effort, it falls somewhat short of what I consider a "long" run.

I guess that's why they call it an easy run, although on days like today its questioning like this that makes them all but easy.

No watch, no map today.


Blogger Vince A. said...

"misadventures of M's college selection process".... Ditto, my third son and this last college search just about killed me.

It has drained all of the available energy out of my daily run...

7:03 PM  

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