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Saturday, April 25, 2009

First Day of Summer

Back from Vegas. Went out on Thursday evening and did a whole lot of walking around the Strip and the downtown, so I called that a "workout" and slept in yesterday morning. I didn't do much to ease the financial woes that are hitting this boomtown hard, as I didn't gamble, drink much, or otherwise engage in the vices that fuel the city's economy. But I did take a homeless guy to McDonald's, he ate and I picked his brain a bit on what its like to live on the streets in Vegas. Not a good situation, unsurprisingly.

Went out to the Drives this morning with Reba to run. Did the eight and a half mile loop and then some, calling it 11. Ran it old school: no watch, no iPod. Alot of people were out today. Broke a good sweat. Figure to go even longer tomorrow, and will definitely bring the iPod.


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