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Friday, April 17, 2009

A Good Feeling to Know

Have you heard... Poco is getting back together. Yes, I rolled my eyes too, does this world really need one more group of old farts dusting off their instruments and taking to the road to dredge up music from days gone by?

I heard the news on XPN as I was getting ready for my day after this morning's run. Then dj Michaela Majoun followed up this bit of breaking news with the comment that, in case we had forgotten what Poco sounded like, or never knew in the first place, she'd cue some up. "Good Feeling to Know" came on. And I smiled.

I was never much into Poco, but was into the Rock/Country/California sound that they were a part of. And a beautiful spring morning like this was what a song like that was all about. Remembering spring days in college, when much of life was hanging out on campus on a blanket my friends and I referred to as "the center of the universe." It was movable, we said, and thus the center followed us around. Thought it was cute at the time, now I see it as very age-appropriate. But what that song brought back was the feeling of how, on spring days like that, life and the world seemed limitless.

I also remember mornings like this when my running seemed limitless. Didn't feel that way this morning, though I don't yet think those days are necessarily gone. It's been another difficult week running-wise, hampered again by bad weather and the demands of work which currently has me under a heavy teaching load rounding into the home stretch of the semester; and a couple of research projects I had to deliver on.

I did make it out yesterday for a 10 mile Acme loop, and met up with Erin and Jody today for a jaunt around the 19143. My bones creaked, and I came to the reality that I won't be in shape to run Broad Street this year. But the sun was out, I was with good friends, and the scent of Spring flowers was heavy in the air. A good feeling to know.

5 miles, untimed.


Blogger John W said...

I heard that on XPN this morning as well. I wouldn't know a Poco song if it hit me on the head.

8:52 AM  

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