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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Running Just Not Writing

Last time I blogged was Tuesday. I've run every day since then. Each run I figured out what I wanted to blog about the run and each day I've (obviously) not taken the time to set it down. So I'll just catch up today.

Wednesday I ran with Erin on a somewhat crazy loop south on 47th Street, across Gray's Ferry Ave, and down the embankment, across the Septa tracks, and through the post-industrial detritus to pop out at 58th Street. We then ran that back home. Between the embankment, the weeds, the traffic and the like it is safe to say this will not be a regular route. Just because a route is different doesn't make it good.

Thursday I couldn't get out of the house to run my planned 11 miler. This remains a problem and I was prepared to write about it, but its too late to blather about it now, until next time. Or you can just read my April 30th post, as I complain about the exact same thing. Ran a 5.5 mile Art Museum loop instead, the rain poured for the last half mile of the run, glad to get in the house and thought maybe this wasn't the best morning to run all those miles.

Friday I did the 11 miler, an SMB loop, the one that I should have done on Thursday. Ran three miles for speed - 19:02. One mile longer than the fast stretches I've been doing, and the second hard workout of the workweek. Run felt good.

And today, I didn't get out till around dinner time. I was working all day, mostly on getting the house together again after we had painters do major work for the last week. It came out really nice, but its almost as big a job cleaning up the dust and related mess they left behind. The house is clean again and feels much better. I think, however, that I got the bigger workout here. My legs were dead and I was tired by the time I got out to run a Warrington loop, so it was an easy 5 anna half.

That brings me up to date. Hopefully I'll get some miles tomorrow and it'll be a decent week; one to build on.


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