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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


On most mornings I'll try to come up with excuses not to go to the track but today, from wherever, came this need to go to the track. Problem was finding a track to go to. So I sought out Atlantis, the mythical track in SW Philly that is the subject of many an apocryphal tale, but has never been seen by anyone I know.

Yes, I hyperbolize, and the mystery was quickly deshrouded by scanning Gmap, where I located this oval at 58th and Elmwood. I was excited to scout out new territory, and ran about 2 miles up there to discover pretty much what I expected - a somewhat overgrown cinder track. The infield was freshly mowed, but the grass overflowed out to the track so that in many places running on the track necessitated running in what would be Lane 2. There were also several walkers on the track who most of the time would not budge from their inside track position.

So with those challenges I set a goal of 3x1600 at 6 minutes with a 400 m recovery. I had to push to get this, but get it I did: 6-flat, 5:58, 6-flat. Just about right for where I'm at. I think success all depends on the goals you set. This morning's wasn't too particularly ambitious, but it leaves me feeling good.

Sunny spring morning, new horizons, a good running day. All in all 11 miles - 6 on the track and 5 on this loop out and back to the track.

Oh yeah, Florida was fun. Didn't run on Friday or Monday, but got in 95 minutes (call it 12 miles) on Saturday and 45 minutes (call it 6 miles) on Sunday. Both runs were through and around the streets in the over-55 neighborhood we were staying at, in the heat that would get up to low 90's. I ran Saturday's run hard. For some reason running those streets reminded me of running 5k's that snaked through suburban streets, and I worked my way into that state of controlled breathlessness that comes in those races. Left me feeling content that there is still some fight in me.


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