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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

All I Really Need to Know...

I learned on the track. For instance:

Lesson 1 - life is not linear. In an ideal world you work hard and you see results. The track tells you that reality is much more capricious. I did okay on 1600m repeats when I first started up again on the track 2 weeks ago, got slower last week, and this week my four 1600m reps were virtually identical to those I did last week: 6:12; 6:06; 6:04; 6:05.

Lesson 2 - when all else fails lower your standards. I thought I could go faster this morning and when that didn't happen I started grabbing onto smaller positive stuff that I could get out of this workout. Hence what I am most proud of is on reps 2 and 4 my times would have been even slower had it not been for a pair of final lap dashes where each came in at 1:29 (sub 6 minute pace). This pace is a psychological milestone/barrier for me at the moment so its good to see I can get under this at least some of the time.

Lesson 3 - when you get stuck, let it go. When I do this ideas seem to bubble up. Especially when there is a 2-mile cooldown to jar things loose. I don't seem to be making much progress in taking 1600m reps head on, so I'm thinking next week I'll do 800s to get my legs turning over a bit faster, and then move back up to 1600s.

Lesson 4 - life is interstitial. Best parts of this morning's run were things like the cool breeze hitting my face on the backstretch, the way the greens stood out against the gray sky, and the beauty that emerges from the interplay between nature and the crumbling remnants of Philly's postindustrial past.

Sounds like the beginnings of a book here, one more that I'm unlikely to ever write. In the meantime, 10 miles total in 83:20.

PS - for the record, dnr yesterday and 5.5 miles (Warrington loop) on Monday, untimed.


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