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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Forbidden Drive

Wind blowing and rain hitting against the window was the first thing I heard this morning. I let out a groan and Reba recognized that as the sound of my trying to get out of running this morning. Still complaining, I pulled myself out of bed and we headed up to Roxborough, where we met up with one of her friends who lives right off of Valley Green Inn on Forbidden Drive. The two of them did their loop, and I ran home from there.

Running conditions were dry and otherwise great. Everything is a dark lush green shade from all the rain we've been getting. Running Forbidden Drive makes it easy to imagine that Philadelphia is light years away. From there I headed down Kelly Drive and then the Schuylkill Bike Trail and through Penn campus, and added another two or so miles so as to make it a two hour run.

That gives me 52 miles this week. I wanted to start counting my miles again next week and shoot for 50, but I'll have to up my target now. I'll be in Boston tomorrow, and I'll just take the day off.

14.5 miles on this point to point in 2:02:14.


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