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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Sarah Palin named her kid Track. She can't be all bad.

I was all set to blog on this morning's run earlier, but couldn't get online. Now the days events have overtaken me, so I need to be brief. Not the way I like to write, but I want to get this down.

Headed down to the track this morning. Wanted to get in a track workout, didn't want to go all out. Kind of a gut check workout - see where my head and my heels were at. As a result, I did longer reps - 2x3200 with an 800m recovery - so that I wouldn't have to go so fast. Anything under 13 minutes was fine with me, as often happens I overachieved with a 12:22 and a 12:29. This was about the pace I did on last Thursday's MLK Drive miles, and is good to build on. In an ideal world rep 2 would have been faster than rep 1, but it wasn't there and I didn't push it too hard. Just getting back on track. Get it? Haha.

Sofar heels feel fine.

Ran 2.5 miles home. All totaled 10.5 miles.


Blogger Bruce said...

Blogger can't take an early morning run down Chestnut Street without getting shout-outs from readers. It's tough to be famous.

12:48 PM  

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