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Monday, June 15, 2009

Catching Up

I see that my last post was on June 4. Eleven days ago.

I had a couple of good weeks before that last post, things have slowed down again since then. I'll try to reconstruct, not because it would necessarily interest anyone but because I like to keep a record of my runs. I'm afraid, however, that some will be lost to a poor memory.

Fri, June 5, I ran an Art Museum loop. 6 miles.
Sat, June 6, I ran a Mt. Moriah/Kingsessing loop. 6 miles.
Wed, June 10, I ran a FF loop, 3.5 miles.

That was the ancient history. Again, I may well have missed a workout but that is the gist of it. On the bright side, it rests a borderline Achilles inflammation. On the darker side, it shows how busy-ness combined with a lack of drive to make regular training a priority easily gets in the way of things. Not that this is bad, its more like its a choice. Whether its a choice I want to make is what I've been wrestling with for awhile now and going over and over again, in one form or another, on these pages.

Which takes us to recent history. I took a trip to LA, starting last Wednesday. This let me run through Skid Row, downtown, and South Central LA for an hours worth on Friday, recreating the loops I ran last December when I was there last. Then, when work was done, we stayed a bit in Santa Monica. The original Muscle Beach. The claim is that its the birth of the physical fitness movement of the 20th Century. I ran two hours, one hour south through Venice Beach and Marina del Rey, then turn around and run back. I'll call it 14.5 miles. Lots of thoughts to write of California, but I'm not feeling it this morning. Jet lagged out, looking at alot of stuff waiting for me at work, and bummed because I have all this time I have to take off by the end of the month or I lose it, and not seeing the opportunity to use it all up.

I did drag my jet-lagged ass out of bed to meet Erin and Jody at 6:30 for a run out to Mt. Moriah and back (Chester Ave up, Thomas Ave back). Easy 5ish, glad I made it out.

There, all caught up.


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