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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

One of those Mornings

Not the most enjoyable run this morning.

I knew it would be such with my first step out of bed, landing on legs that were still hurting from yesterday's workout. Thus the run started off slow and wobbly in what was easily a 10+ minute pace.

Most of the first half of the run I felt sick to my stomach. This landed me the dilemma of keeping my commitment to meet Deirdre at the Chestnut St. Bridge or just going home. I kept running.

I made it to the bridge, 5 minutes late, and no sign of Deirdre. I wait about five more minutes and plod on toward Lloyd Hall, Lemon Hill and parts beyond.

I really don't want to run by this point but I want to get some miles in and things settle down. The second half of the run settled down and picked up a bit, although I never came close to hammering it. But I felt good enough to appreciate the warm but crisp morning and all the shade that is the reward for getting out early.

I ran for almost 73 minutes, figuring I had eight miles easy. I g-mapped the course I ran and didn't even get 7 3/4.

One of those mornings, glad I kept going.


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