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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chasing Reba (or We Were Promised Jetpacks)

Woke up this morning when Reba got in after running an Art Museum loop. 45 minutes later I found myself heading out on the same route.

This is the first time I've run in three days. The first day off was planned to rest my Achilles, which were getting sore. The second day was one where my tendons still didn't feel right, but work obligations also played into it. I told myself that it all kind of worked out, that my other commitments acted as a sort of protective factor to prevent an impending injury. This sort of "everything for the best" approach, where the result explains the process, is what I hate about evolutionary fill-in-the-blank approaches that are in vogue these days, and I have to pause as to whether I'm doing the same thing with my running (or lack thereof).

Turns out in this case my layoff, for whatever reasons, was for the best. I ran a very sluggish loop with my tendons laying low but making it plain that they were just one fartlek away from flaring up. I was reduced to plodding, and while its not unusual for me to have such a pace on my early morning run, what is unusual is the restriction of knowing I couldn't break out of it if I wanted to.

I also realized one likely culprit are my shoes, which are worn well past their natural life and are hanging on until the cavalry arrives in the mail in a few days. So I'll take it easy at least until then.

So the saving grace of my run was that I overhauled my iPod before I left and put on some new music. This is something I should do much more often than I do. The band on the rotation this morning was We Were Promised Jetpacks, a great name for music to run by. Its one of my efforts to listen to contemporary stuff. It came well reviewed and has a driving beat, like Interpol or Coldplay, that I like to run to. For what its worth, it gets the Seebo thumbs up.

With that my run felt like going on a car ride just to drive around and listen to the radio. No particular purpose for the running this morning save that it gave my body something to do while the ear buds mainlined music into my brain.

5.5 miles in 54 minutes.


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