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Sunday, July 12, 2009


Missed signals with Deidre and John but Plan B worked out nicely: I hitched a ride with Reba out to Tinicum and took the long way home.

This meant doing the figure 8 around Tinicum, like old days, another loop around Darby Lake (I call this the bottom loop, Reba calls it the top loop) and then home on the roads. After the figure 8, about halfway through the run, I stopped by the car and had a little picnic of Gatorade and Gu. Reba finished up her run around this time and we got to chat. A woman showed us a turtle with yellow markings on its shell and told us of the restorative powers of stinging nettles. Then I was on my way around the lake today.

A bit steamier than it has been (i.e., more like July), enough to make me thankful for the abundance of shade on the trails. My right heel and left hamstring were both a little sore, so I was happy for the softer surface. I did not appreciate, however, the wet bushwacking that was required in the carwash segment. But otherwise, little has changed at Tinicum and it was like visiting an old friend.

The run home was longer than I remembered it being. I ran home down Buist Ave, which I was unfamiliar with but was a better alternative to Lindbergh Blvd. as it was less trafficked. I started baking in the sun at around this point however, as my planned two-hour run dragged into a 2:22:19 run. I'm happy about this, as two hours for a long run has been approaching a rut with me.

Call it 17 miles. That gives me 50 for the five days I've run this week. All is good now that its done, I've just been very thirsty since I've finished.

Oh yeah, no run yesterday. I think shifting to every other day mode when the workouts got a little more than my legs could handle turned out to be a good idea. And the porch sale went well.


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