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Monday, July 20, 2009


No running this weekend. I'm resting until my shoes come in.

That being said, I met up with Erin and Jody this morning. I threw out my current shoes when I last ran on Thursday, and used an old, old pair of racers that I have lying around for just such emergencies. They have their miles on them, but were still springier than the shoes I'd been running in. This makes me feel even more that my pains are related to shoes.

This morning's run was un-eventful. Out to Cobb's Creek, took some trails along the river rather than the usual bike path for much of the way, and headed home down Springfield. Weather continues to be unbelievably nice, hope it stays this way through Saturday. It seems like too much to ask.

Call it 6 in 55 minutes.


Blogger Kevin said...

I usually have 2 pair of shoes in circulation, about 200-300 miles apart in age. It supposedly makes the shoes last longer to alternate, maybe because they have an extra day to dry out; plus, it's easier to tell when a pair of shoes is dead because I get sore feet and ankles on every other run. Finally, I'm never trapped for a weekend with no suitable running shoes :) Hope they come in soon.

11:49 PM  

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