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Monday, August 24, 2009

Fox Hunt

I have internet problems at home so have been unable to post over the weekend. Sneaking away a few moments at work to do this.

By way of catching up:

Thursday - 5.5 miles, untimed on Warrington loop.
Friday - 9 miles in exactly 70 minutes on an improvised loop through Fairmount Park.
Saturday - dnr, couldn't plan a run around the rain.
Sunday - 16.8 miles in 2:16 on this route with John Dubs. Click here for his summary, run felt good and strong. I'm getting in a racing frame of mind again.

Legs felt great this morning despite yesterday's effort and yesterday's night out. Reba and I went to a house concert at the "Beach House" in Lansdowne featuring two acts: banjoist/singer/songwriter Chelsea McBee and the string band Fox Hunt. $15 cover, bring your own, and then sit in Bob's living room with about 20 other folks and listen to one of the best shows I've been to in awhile. Both bands were very good and the vibe between them and the audience was great. Liked it so much that Reba and I cds from both acts, and I took Fox Hunt with me on this morning's run. Compare them, roughly, to Old Crow Medicine show, not only for the type of music they play but also for the enthusiasm with which they play. Even on the iPod this energy came through and that was part of the reason I could really push some on the latter part of this run. That and the heat and humidity finally calmed down a bit. Total mileage was a bit shy of 8.5, run in 71:01.

Bit of groin pain, of the type I had a few months back, after the run which I'll monitor.


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