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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Here We Go Again

Beautiful morning, the kind where you sweat but you don't drip.

Headed out to the 58th St. track. My training has been going well enough lately so that I may as well bring it out to the track again. Its starting to feel like a cycle. On the upswing, and then either some travel or some little injury will shut it down again. But I'm doing the same thing, again, and hoping for something different to happen.

First time back on the track is always a reconnaissance. See what kind of pace I got. So I figured 1x5000, just going by feel. After the obligatory warm up strides it went, by 1600 split, 6:14; 12:20; and 18:28, with the whole 5000 finishing in 19:12. Good enough to pace John Dubs for a few miles at PDR, better than I thought I had in me.

I then took the long way home. For once I was in no hurry to get home, my legs didn't feel particularly beat up either. Just enjoyed running through Southwest Philly as it got along its way on another Tuesday morning.

9 miles, 74:10.


Blogger Mark said...

nice track work

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