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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Weight of the World

The weight of the world was a bit heavier than usual this morning, and my legs a bit weary for the task of holding it up. Another morning where bargaining got me out the door; opening bid of a six mile Art Museum loop got me out the door, and the betting increased until I was looking at an 11 mile SMB loop with the 3 MLK miles done at a pace to be determined.

Even going down the Schuylkill bike path I could not envision myself taking the MLK miles fast. But once there speeding up came naturally, and the mile splits came in at 6:37; 12:55; and 19:11. I'll take that today.

The highlight of this run is finishing up those tempo miles and then ducking on to the Belmont fire road. Verdant, soft-surfaced, and serene... all the prerequisites for recharging mentally and physically. Then its through the horticultural center and back home.

11 miles in 93:12.


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