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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

2 Seconds Lost

All set to do some writing, memoir style, in this blog this morning but can't justify doing this at work. So its back to a usual (if there is such a thing) entry. Lame excuse or admirable adherence to the work ethic? You decide.

The important thing is that I did run. Headed out to the Bartram track. Same workout as last week. The legs were sore, achilles tendons were achy, and I didn't see much happening right up to getting on the track. Some strides got me ready mentally to speed things up, though I was still non committal to how fast I would take it. And then when I got started I was ready to bolt (apologies to Usain). Its amazing how that process works - from giving myself a pass all the way to jumping right in, all within a 15 minute span.

The workout, like last week, was one 5000 meter rep. Anything more, that required repeated efforts with recoveries in between, I associated with feelings of tendons doing bad things. So it was just one prolonged rep at however fast I could.

Last week's splits, at 1600m intervals, were: 6:14; 12:20; and 18:28, with the whole 5000 finishing in 19:12.

This week's splits, at 1600m intervals, were: 6:21; 12:27; and 18:27, with the whole 5000 finishing in 19:10.

So the start was somewhat slower, and I recovered nicely to slice two seconds off last weeks time. This is probably attributable to that it was probably 15 degrees cooler this morning than last Tuesday. But it also included circumnavigating a tractor parked on the track for two laps. You just don't get that on the Lower Merion track. Particularly encouraging is that I got the last 1600 down to 6 flat. I would love to start recording sub 6 splits again. This tells me it will happen.

Took the long way home to give me 9 miles. Don't remember the end time. But I will take that two seconds I lost around with me for the rest of the day.


Blogger Kevin said...

Enjoyed reading about your run with Tony. Summer training was never my strong suit, but it's amazing what 20 minutes a day can do at that age. Good luck to both of you.

11:34 PM  

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