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Monday, September 14, 2009

Easy Monday Run

Was out of the house by 5:45 this morning. Had to do this so I can get a decent run in before having to take Tony to school this morning. Yes, fall is back.

Doing this I realized how much my morning start time has crept up. Used to be in the day Erin and I started at 6. Nowadays, its gotten to be more like 6:30 and later on days I run by myself.

Its amazing how much going to bed earlier makes it easier to get up earlier. The run started in the dark, and when I got to the Chestnut St. bridge there was enough light in the false dawn to paint the Schuylkill in a dark indigo and reflect the Center City skyscrapers and the lit up bridges. Very arty in an urban European fashion.

The mornings are only going to get darker. And colder. But not yet. By the time I got out of Fairmount Park I realized that I'd have to cut the route short. All in all, an easy 7 miler, at least according to gmap-pedometer. I don't know, however. The run clocked in at just over 63 minutes and I know I wasn't setting any records, but the run wasn't that slow either.

But it don't matter, it was just an easy Monday run.


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