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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Good Running Continues

Running with Tony is getting to be a regular thing. Yesterday he and I did a 39th Street loop, a loop I used to run once or twice a week back in the late 90’s as a recovery day run. Occasionally I’ll tack this on to a longer run to add some mileage. However, as Tony is running 15-20 minutes at a pop, this run fulfills that obligation. So that’s the one we have started on. Yesterday I felt him out a bit and took things slow. The run is somewhat hilly (its hard to completely avoid hills around here) and a little longer than he’s been doing. Going up the hill on Baltimore Ave from 43rd Street he started to breathe a bit heavier and I kept the pace mellow. But he was game the rest of the way. We finished in 19:35.

This morning we ran the loop again, and both decided to shave some seconds off of yesterday’s time. Same loop. Tony was breathing harder and lagged a bit behind me at times, but he put in a good finishing kick down 46th Street to finish in 18:51. Worth a fist bump.

As for me, yesterday, when Tony and I finished I kept going west and tacked on another six miles on the Cobbs Creek-Springfield-43rd St circuit. Ran through a lot of peoples parties – with various blocks roped off from traffic and barbecues smoking and kids running around. Saying goodbye to Labor Day and summer of 2009. Total was 8 miles in 48:54 (including miles with Tony).

This morning, before me and Tony ran, I went out to the track. I’ve decided it now takes me at least two miles to get into the right state of mind to run fast. Even the strides felt half-hearted. Then it was workout time – 3 x 1600 (400 recovery) – and I left myself an option for a fourth rep. Time goal was simple, I wanted to get as many under 6 minutes as I could. This would build nicely on last weeks track workout, where I was just around this mark. Anyway, reps went by in 5:57; 5:54; and 5:56. Felt strong enough to take a fourth rep and it went by in 5:59. I had to hustle a bit on the first rep, the second and third just flowed, and I had to push on the last 400 to get rep #4 in the zone. But this was by no means a give 120% workout. I didn’t want that today. Just to get those 1600’s under 6. That opens up a whole new horizon.

Best track workout of the year. I’ll carry that feeling with me and continue to ponder what I want to do this season. For the short term, Reba, Tony and I have tentatively resolved to run the Paper Mill 5k on Sunday. But for today, total was 9.5 miles in 75:36 plus the 2 miles with Tony.

And Maricela text me last night from college. She is running too! Its part of her strategy to avoid the dreaded "freshman fifteen." I told her to keep me posted.

Finally, check out this less than photo finish to a 400m race. Ouch.


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