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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Nine Nine Oh Nine

I have often had mornings when I didn't run and wondered if I should have. Today was a morning that I ran and wondered if I shouldn't have just taken the day off. Deirdre commented that on the days we don't run we "take a DNR" which makes this sound like something negative. Similarly, I shoot to run 7 days a week and figure life will more likely than not knock out one of those workouts. But just like days off from work are productive, so are days off from running. I, like many, just tend not to see it that way.

My legs just felt dead. I left the house on time but couldn't get warmed up, and so Deirdre was waiting for me by the time I got to the Chestnut St. bridge. I was apologetic both in the slower than usual pace and the attenuated mileage, but at the Art Museum I went back across the Spring Garden Bridge and headed back. Deirdre was gracious about it (we've all been there) and I hope she got some good miles in afterwards. For me, 5.5+ in 53:33.

After all that complaining, I ran another 39th Street loop with Tony when I went home for lunch. Tony is now set for cross country practice. He didn't want to try to break our course record from yesterday (18:51) so we just ran it, but broke the mark anyway when we finished in 18:50.

7.5 miles total.


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