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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

All Revved Up

To the track this morning, same old story. Slow to warm up and then hit the first rep running.

4 x 1600 again, as fast I can muster, which hopefully means under 6 minute pace.

Almost there - 6:04; 5:57; 5:58; 5:58. I won't bore you all with 400m splits, but except for the initial 400 meters, which was slow, the rest of the workout was at sub 6 pace.

I would have liked this morning's workout to have been a little quicker than last week's, but running is not a linear process. Today was more like consolidating last week's gains. I'm getting back in that sub 6 mindset, and ideally I'd like to get these times back in the 5:45-5:30 range. But that is a long-term goal. Right now I'm happy to be under6 again. Now the question is whether I can maintain a decent training schedule for the rest of the week. Go long and slow tomorrow and tempo on Thursday, and then I'll be making progress.

Which leaves me all revved up with nowhere to go. Especially after Saturday's long run I am ready to jump into a marathon. I was thinking Harrisburg or Marine Corps, but both fell through. This leaves no other marathon that fits in terms of calendar, distance and logistics for the rest of the year. I'm still thinking of plan C. On a more minor note, after a schedule fail last weekend I'm still looking to race anything this fall. Now I'm thinking Parkway Run on the weekend after next.

9.5 miles total in about 76 minutes, with a post-track interruption by a loooong freight train that made it soooo hard to get going again.


Blogger DelDean said...

hey - I
have read yer blog off & on for over a year. Noticed today that you had a post... and now see that u r back to daily writing (and running). Everyone has cycles in running, right?

I read back a few entries. I especially like the father & son notes. Plus the memory of mom bringing you to track. In the past, I don't remember reading many personal notes in your blog...i like the change in style.
Anyway, if you want a challenging race where clock time won't matter at all, try 9/27 Conestoga Trail 10 miler. The course record is like 1:35 because the hills are soooo steep. It's jsut for fun. No checking splits or comparing to PR's.

Welcome back to it. & keep running strong!

11:03 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

it's good to see you have the run back in your legs, I like the goal pace and will be heading to the track this week myself.
How about a 1/2 marathon? I have a suspicion that your base is a bit low; I'm not one to talk as running Boston on five weeks of training this year :-)

3:39 PM  
Blogger Vince A. said...

Come on down south and Run Dallas White Rock with us in December, two hours on a plane and you'll be there. Guarenteed to be cool and dry...

8:21 AM  

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