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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Weeds and Cinders

Second time on the track in two days. This time it was Bartram track and back to weeds and cinders. Plan was to do some easy interval work to check out the foot.

Sunny and in the forties this morning, running on borrowed daylight from last weekend's time change. Felt in a good frame of mind running down to 58th St. as this would be, effortwise, an easy workout. Reba gave me her iPod to replace mine, which finally died last week, and I had Fred Eaglesmith on the rotation.

Plan was to do 3x1600 with 400m recovery. The reps would be under 7 minutes. Actual times were 6:51; 6:56; and 6:54. More importantly, my foot seems to be holding up, although we'll see how it feels over the course of the day.

One thing I like about the Bartram track, more than any other I've run on, is that I rarely have a workout there without making some kind of human contact. Words of encouragement, a "how many miles you going?" shout, a nod of recognition upon sharing the track with someone for a second time. This morning a 50-something year old guy who was dutifully jogging around the track synchronized his workout so that he would do 100m bursts down the straightaway with me whenever I came around. On lap 3 of my third rep he hung with me for 200m and then when I finished the rep I stopped a bit and we chatted.

7.5 miles in 60:41.


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