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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Tale of 2 Tracks

In DC at a conference, staying with my sister. Beautiful morning, was unmotivated to run.

Had a blister on my heel from wearing shiny shoes yesterday. Tried to turn that into an excuse not to run, but I just couldn't make it fly.

So, decidedly uninspired, I headed out to the track down the street from Annette's house. Having gotten used to running on a cinder track with encroaching weeds made me appreciate the springy polyurethane all the more, and I marveled at the restrooms (i.e., not porta-potties) that were open just by the bleachers. A different world out here.

But that didn't make running around in ovals any more interesting. I did an easy five miles, speeding up a bit towards the end just to get it over with. I'm getting optimistic again that my foot is on the mend, and may head out to my (58th St) track tomorrow for some very mellow reps. We'll see.

And I have a physical therapy appointment next week Wednesday.


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