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Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Shoes

A little redbird was chirping this morning about how cold it was. This got to me, to the point where I was considering gloves. But I wore my favorite long-sleeved t-shirt instead, with oversized sleeves that my hands could just curl into. And, though chilly, it was not cold and I was fine. Still, it is the first long sleeve run of the season.

I've been skittish with my heel. It again has gotten to the point where I have no pain. While I have not been great with stretching and icing it (which actually seems to aggravate the pain), I have gotten new shoes. I laced these up for the first time this morning and headed out on the 4 mile loop I did Thursday.

I felt very mild discomfort in my heel this morning. I was careful to keep the pace slow, minding the fact that I really aggravated it with that little fartlek I did on Monday. The run felt really good, though I felt there was a governor switch planted in my head that kept me from going too fast. This eased a bit at the end of the run, as I felt a good strong rhythm and my foot felt fine.

If blogs are exercises in self-absorption, then this post localizes this absorption even further to my foot. I'm thinking the plan right now is to run through it for awhile, albeit at easy paces. Pick up mileage before cautiously reintroducing speed. Also holding off with any medical intervention. And I'll keep going with the golf ball. There is an odd relaxation involved with doing that.

One thing I've been this time around is patient.

Tomorrow I'm set to run at 5:45 a.m. with a Back on My Feet group. See how that goes.


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