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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Jackimo feen-i ay!

If You Don't Like What the Big Chief Say...
Just Jackimo feen-i ay!

Was listening to the Neville Bros. on my run this morning.

For the first time since I got the heel pain a week ago, I went on a run rather on a jog that merely served to feed the monkey.

I was going to run out to Franklin Field and back through Penn Campus and made it out behind FF when I spied me a pedestrian footbridge out over the railroad tracks which likely would take me down to the edge of I-76. With this link I could run out to the Penn ballfield and back around.

And so I called an audible and swung around. In doing so I ran under what will one day again become the South Street Bridge and got to see the progress being made. They are in the midst of laying the steel girders that will underpin the road bed. Suffice to say there is much work remaining to be done.

This then led to a service road going right next to I-76. Doesn't sound great but amidst all the whooshing of cars there is some green and, more importantly, a feeling of solitude. Its a nice run, and, as important, it is a rarely traveled run. Loop comes to 4 miles, untimed.

I felt my heel a bit at first, and then it was fine. I stretched and iced afterwards, and the heel actually felt worse after I did this. I've been running a golf ball under my heel while I work, and that seems to help, and I ordered new shoes. The only thing left is arranging the physical therapy, but I'm going to wait on that and see how it goes over the weekend.

Didn't run yesterday but did bike down to Center City in the morning to attend an orientation for Back on My Feet. For those of you who don't know them, they basically set up runs at transitional housing facilities where "non-residential" volunteers and "residential" program participants meet up and run. I decided to join when I saw that they have a 6 a.m. run out of Outley House, which is on 69th and Woodland... right on my Cobbs Creek loop when I run it out to Woodland Ave., and only a little bit earlier than when I go by there. This means I have run past the facility dozens of times, but I have absolutely no mental image of it.

The plan was to fit this in with my easier runs. Now with my heel problems I may have to adjust this, probably by biking out there to run for the first few weeks. Stay tuned.

Day before yesterday was an easy 2.5 miles.

Heading out of town for the long weekend, probably won't post again until Monday or Tuesday.


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