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Monday, September 28, 2009

Going the Extra Half Mile

Deirdre's in town, so we met on the Schuylkill bike path and I finished up my 8.5 miler while accompanying her on some miles in her long run. The morning was gorgeous and the legs didn't feel too beat up after yesterday's long run and subsequent washing machine escapade.

I had to haul our broken down washing machine down from the third floor and then haul our spare from the basement (doesn't everybody have a spare washer in basement) up to the third floor. I had help, of course, but I didn't realize how much that trashed my legs.

But the legs settled down as the run progressed up over Lemon Hill, over the Girard Bridge, and then back around West Philly. Deirdre seems to be doing well following her move, and today's run was like what I guess is now old times. So much so that I went the extra half mile to 49th St.

8.5 miles, untimed.


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