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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Racing Ryan Hall

Philadelphia Distance Run was today. No, I didn't run it but did incorporate it into my run this morning. Headed out to MLK and Sweetbriar Ave - Mile 6 on the PDR course - with the goal of being there in time to catch the front runners. I figured this meant leaving the house at 7:30, and actually left the house at 7:35. This created a bit of pressure to make it to my and Ryan's rendez-vous on time - he running the course and me running through Mantua on a beautiful fall morning. I miscalculated a bit in my favor - I beat Ryan by a good five minutes, and then got to see him in the lead pack of four. Other runners trickled by, including Catherine Ndereba and the lead women's pack.

After sticking around a bit more I took the short-cut across the Girard Bridge that landed me at the mile 12 marker. When the lead pack came around Ryan and his three buddies were still in a tight pack, presumably having run like that for the whole race up to that. I talked with a guy later who said that Hall made his move about a quarter mile from where I was standing and won the race.

Likewise, Ndereba was still tangling it up with another competitor when she passed. I like watching at a particular point, with the lead packs passing and then the occasional groups giving way to an ever intensifying trickle of runners as time goes on. I saw a good number of folks I know, to whom I gave out shouts, and I'm sure missed a few. I'm not very good at recognizing faces and have missed Reba running past me in races before. One person of note to pass by was Stan Cooper, who kept his streak of running every single PDR alive for one more year. John Dubs also ran, hopefully he'll have an lbrr up soon.

After the pace got to 8 minutes or so I jumped in and ran to the Art Museum and back home. Total for this was 7.5 more or less junk miles that were alot of fun. When I got home I ran another 2+ with Tony over the usual route in 18:17, miles that are whatever the opposite is of junk. Tony made it through his first week of XC practice.

Yesterday I went long. Met up with Dan, Bridget, Devon, and Cassi at the Art Museum. Cassi and I took off ahead of the others pretty early and did a meandering 19.5 miler up through Manayunk and back down on Forbidden Drive. Second straight week I was really happy with my long run, doing it at a brisker pace that must force me to be more efficient, as I felt myself gliding along most of the time. Having a new partner gives me the opportunity to repeat stories I've told on and about other runs and related topics, and lets me listen to new stuff as well. Between the pace, the conversation, and the beautiful morning, the 19.5 miler went quickly. Total time 2:17:39.

Yesterday was a memorable running day for Reba and Barb, who finished their first 20-milers, and also to Chuck, who won his first Chestnut Hill Classic XC race. I had considered going out there but had to scratch it due to logistics. Looks like I saved myself from a good ass-whuppin'.

Fall is here and the running is easy. Haven't felt this good about things in a long time.


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