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Thursday, October 01, 2009

A Bridge Too Far

I write often about my resistance to running workouts - of difficulty getting out the door or, once out the door, getting the momentum up to initiate the effort. This resistance is not irrational, and today's workout is proof of that.

Today was a return to the Bloody Nipple. This is the most odious workout in my repertoire. Done right, it consists of a 3 mile warmup to MLK, four MLK tempo miles, and then a recovery up and over the Bloody Nipple hill and around to Belmont Plateau, another almost 3 miles, done as quickly as possible (a recovery on the run).

Wanted to get those four miles in under 24, total time was 24:06 (6:06; 5:58; 5:58; 6:04). Unfortunately that was all I had. I got this sinking feeling, right after I finished, that I was about six miles from home with nothing in the tank. I also got a bruise-like pain in my heel starting in the last half-mile of my tempo.

I went through some old posts to see my BN workout times in the glory days of 2006. My best times for the tempo miles was in the mid-22 minute range and for the BN part was in the low 16 minute range. I couldn't imagine doing that this morning.

I also saw that, in September 2005, I had a blog entry with the same title as today's about doing this loop. An excerpt reads:

After that the run devolved into a death march, where you are spent and just trudge miserably on home. It is one of the ugly facets of training, where you just have to suck it up and ponder the fact that today was overdone.

This pretty much describes the last six miles of my run. The only difference is this heel pain, which continued and is still with me as I write this. Looking on the web, it seems alot like Plantar Fascitis, the only common overuse injury I've never had. Based on this, looks like I'll be taking a few days off. I feel okay about that, but that may be because I'm still in denial. It nevertheless keeps up this up and down pattern I've been having lately. But the ups continue to get uppier, so I'm willing to be patient.

I've now got almost five years of blogging under my belt. Two things amaze me: how I can read about workouts that I can only vaguely remember and how I can have the same ideas about workouts (and even the same blog titles) and think they are original.

13+ miles in 107:30.


Blogger Kevin said...

Have a golf ball? They come in packs of 9, but the good folks at City Sports were kind enough to pull one out of the box for me in my time of need.

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