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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Shoes and Balls

Quiet weekend, runningwise.

Went to visit my mom in NY on Friday and Saturday, and didn't even pack my running shoes. Took those days completely off due to the right heal pain from Thursday's run. I was limping visibly on Thursday, not so badly on Friday, and not at all yesterday. Today was okay until I put my running shoes on, and, like a conditioned response, the heel pain made its presence known again. I nonetheless jogged an easy two miles and the pain, while there, wasn't bad. It got to be where I didn't feel comfortable with the footstrike, a disconcerting feeling I last had when I was coming back from an ankle injury in 08. Did some thorough stretching and icing following the run, which is unusual for me.

Plan is to continue to do easy mileage for the near future and see if this gets better, worse or whatever.

Got suggestions for new shoes and golf balls. My shoes aren't old yet, but I may get a replacement pair (it's the running equivalent of rebooting your computer), and I actually have some Mayes College golf balls lying around my office that I'll put to good use tomorrow.


Blogger ryandavid said...

And good to catch up on your blog as well Seebo. I can relate to that heel pain, here's hoping it clears up quickly. I'm in Philly every other weekend so let me know if you wanna get a few easy miles in on a Saturday or Sunday.

7:29 AM  

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