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Monday, November 02, 2009

Coffee Break

Just like when you don't run for a few days, when you don't write for a few days then it gets harder to get back into things. There just seems to be too much to catch up on, and the inactivity has a momentum all its own.

Fortunately that has not been the case for my running. Today marks the fifth straight day that I have gotten a run in. A little victory, but one that I'll definitely hang on to. It started last Wednesday and Thursday (already blogged), then progressed with a 10.5 miler - out & back to Outley and five miles along Cobbs Creek with the guys on Friday. Saturday it was a rainy 5-miler on a SSB loop variation, and yesterday a 5.5 mile Art Museum loop.

Today I cycled out to Outley and ran 5 miles through Darby and Yeadon with Troy and Derrick. For most of the run we kept in proximity to each other, with the two of them doing their own pace and me staying with them. Our paces were not that different, and it would not have been much of an adjustment for us to run as a tighter group. That's what I'm used to, that doesn't seem to be how things go here. These become taciturn runs, and sticking to someone else's pace anchors me so that the pace remains suitable for my foot. Today's five passed in 40:40, a good pace for me.

Watched the NYC marathon before I went out yesterday. The coverage was awful, as usual, but at least it was on tv. The focus is very much on the men's and women's front packs, which is fine when they are relatively large but then when each of the races whittled down to two, and then one, the camera stayed focused exclusively on them, with little idea what the other 39,998 runners were doing. It's the Ricky Bobby approach to marathon coverage - if you ain't first, you're last. In doing so they missed at least one big story of how US runners not only won the men's race, but scored six out of the top 10 male finishers. So if this were a cross country meet USA would have won.

Speaking of XC, Tony's season is now done. He seemed to like it, and was solidly in the middle of the pack. The team had a good amount of success, unfortunately because of my teaching schedule I was only able to make it to one of his meets, the second to last one last week.

There, caught up again. Now time to get back to work.


Blogger Jason said...

Hey, man. You gotta hang on to every victory, big or small. 5 days straight running, that's great!

3:20 PM  

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