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Saturday, October 17, 2009


Combined Reba and I almost ran a marathon today. Okay, so she ran 21 miles and I did 4.8.

Rainy, miserable day. I ducked out during a mid-afternoon lull and ran a slightly more extended version of the route I've been running lately out to under what will someday again be the South Street Bridge and along 76. This time I returned over the Gray's Ferry and back on 47th St. Route is here.

Rain was intermittent while I ran. I spent much of the run obsessing about my foot. I slipped some barely used orthotics that I had into my (new) shoes hoping that will make a difference. The pain was still lurking yesterday (a DNR) but, as is the pattern, it felt fine to run on today. I may be overanalyzing, but it seems like the pain is moving from the bottom of my heel up about an inch to under my arch. Still trying to figure out how to beat it.


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