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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

When All Else Fails. . .

lower your expectations.

Back to the track today after a day off yesterday and the race on Sunday. I figured I'd continue lowering my goals to where I could actually meet them. And today I didn't disappoint myself.

I don't currently have a coach (a story I haven't put on my blog) so its up to come up with track workouts for myself. After coming up short last week with 1600s at 5:30, I decided to try 800's at 2:50. 8-10 of them, the last two being optional depending on how I felt, and 200m recovery in between reps. Nailed the first six in 2:49; 2:45; 2:45; 2:45; 2:47 & 2:48. For both of the next the next two, the first 400 went by in 1:27 meaning I'd really have to push it to finish in under the goal time. I gave it all I had for the seventh rep to get in at 2:49; and gave it all I didn't know I had for the eighth rep to nail it in 2:48. This last rep, pushing it past anything I thought I had left, is why I submit myself to the agony of the track. Its a feeling I'll hold onto at least for the rest of the day.

After that I gamely tried one more rep, but I was spent and finished it in 3:12. I didn't bother trying for a 10th lap, and finished the day with 8 1/2 miles and a baseline for future workouts. I'm off to Racine Wisconsin for a few days on business, and later tonight hopefully I'll keyhole some running loops that let me take advantage of being on the shore of Lake Michigan.


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