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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

New Orleans

The full scale of the disaster that is now New Orleans hit me this morning when I opened the NY Times. I stole a couple of minutes before going out to scim over the front page and set my mind racing to the seemingly infinite contingencies that stem from these accounts of the destruction. It wrenched my stomach like no other news story since 9-11.

I won't go into details but this mornings run let all of these thoughts and reactions babble out and E had insights of her own. If not therapeutic, it felt somewhat cathartic.

This morning's run was an otherwise uneventful Acme loop run, 8 miles done straight and none too strenuously in 67:27.

Got an email from erstwhile and now honorary running partner PB saying he ran an (unnamed) half-marathon in the UK, coming in 7th with a 1:30:50. Excellent job, and shows that he is on track to run well in NYC this fall.


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