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Saturday, August 27, 2005

It Don't Come Easy

The song came on almost as I started the car after finishing my run.

It was on WOGL, best of the 60s & 70s, which I've been listening to in the car alot lately. It doesn't flog the dead horses of that era like the classic rock stations do, instead mixing up rock, motown, soul, and pop from that era in a format and style that sounds like a radio station from that era. No, I've not been paid to write this (although it sounds like I have) but its rare that a commercial radio station strikes my fancy these days, and they did play the aforementioned Ringo song that perfectly captured my mood after running 18.5 this morning.

There were about 5 guys in front of the Art Museum this morning, and out of them TK and IC (aka the original Lindsay Lohan) were looking to go long, so the three of us set out on a course I had mapped out that would give me 15 as it passed my house, at which point I would bow out and they could run another 3-5 miles in getting back to the Art Museum. We set out on the old faves, up Lemon Hill, Lansdowne Ave Hill and the Bloody Nipple, but then kept straight on Ford Road and into Wynnefield (Will Smith's birthplace). Most of the roads we took from there I was unfamiliar with, which I like, and among other places we ran by the St. Joe's University track, which I knew existed but never knew exactly where it was located. We kept heading west, with one minor glitch, to whatever part of Fairmount Park is all the way at the western edge of Philadelphia. From there we went south until we hit the Cobbs Creek bikepath and I was back in familiar territory. TK and I showed IC the Cobbs Creek track (a story for another blog entry) and then further down the bike path until we hit Warrington and then my house. I felt strong, so instead of biking back to the Art Museum, I just ran the last 3.5 miles back and then IC put in a little extra to hit 20.

Damn, I get tired just running that far.

This was a bit more than I wanted to do, but not because I felt tired but rather because I'm racing 10k tomorrow. So its the feeling you get after drinking a few more beers than you planned and vaguely dreading having to get up for work the next day. On one hand I felt strong and the company was good, but you may be subjected to some whining in tomorrow's race report.
It don't come easy, you know it don't come easy
Its my mantra today as I continue to get more focused on the upcoming fall. I've downloaded the song and have been playing it on repeat as I've been writing this. The music to this is brilliant, as it raises up a basic fact rather than turning it into a complaint or a romanticization. Plus its got killer horns.

Send up positive energy to me for tomorrow's race, as I'll need all the karma I can get.

Oh yeah, today's course is sueandpaulled here for those interested.


Blogger Scott said...

I'm glad you took a rest day before tomorrow's race. I'm channeling positive energy for tomorrow. You ran into Morris Park.

10:36 PM  

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