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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Track Meet #2

First things first. I did a double session today, ran a slow four miles this morning. Franklin Field loop with two laps on the FF track. Haven't run on the track in months, and nice to see that it is accessible again to us common folks. Otherwise it was one of those runs where I should have left the watch home. But the main purpose was to stretch my legs and get some mileage in. 36:32.

The second Wissahickon Wanderers track meet was today. Same usual suspects, save the conspicuous absences of IC and CS, but E and TK made it out, giving us a strong West Philly contingent. First event was the mile, which I no longer even pretend I care about, and finished in 5:22, a few seconds faster than last week but still interval workout pace. The only thing notable was that TK, after shadowing me for three laps, pulls ahead and whips me soundly on the last lap. I think the word is out, I have no finishing kick. If there was something I'd consider selling my soul to the devil for, it might be that.

These WW track meets are always social as much as running affairs. Scott introduced himself, whose blog I've been enjoying for awhile as he is both local and often has excellent comments and insights about things running and things happening during the run. Turns out that we worked together on some projects several years ago and have several mutual friends. I remember him as heavier, which is no surprise given that he's run alot since then. We talked for awhile and he also told me that the Acme food distribution center, which I've been running by several days a week, has been shut down for several years. And I never noticed. I just figured things were quiet there because it was early.

The other event I ran was the 5k. This was a rematch of last week, except for the absence of IC and numerous other runners present. It started a bit faster, thanks in part to me as I took pacing duties for the first 2 laps and then some guy I don't know in a Rohm & Haas shirt passes me and takes about a 30 meter lead. First mile passes in 5:32 and I'm dueling it out with KF, each of us overtaking the other several times, all the while slowly reeling in the R&H guy. Mile 2 passes again in 5:32 and I throw in a surge and overtake R&H for the lead and put some more space between me and KF. But now its another guy breathing down my neck. I spend the next several laps doing all I can to keep up the pace and get a lead on CS, as I know he'll outkick me in the end. And, my friends, that is exactly what happened on the homestretch as CS just turned it on and I didn't have anything left. Final mile was a 5:30 and final time was 17:11. Much better effort than last week but I'd like to get that 5k time under 17 again.

All combined 7 miles for the afternoon; 11 total for the day.

I think I'll head out to the crossroads.


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