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Saturday, August 13, 2005

More Baby Steps

Hot, sweaty baby steps.

Friday was a now-usual Acme loop down to 36th St. to pick up PB. E was unable to join us due to her preoccupation with a book from an unnamed best-selling children's series led her to oversleep.
PB and I had a good conversation, mostly about marathon related stuff where he asked and I probably spouted more stuff than he wanted to hear, but hey, he's a captive audience. Otherwise, the heat and mugginess just keeps going on. We ran the 9 miles in 71:52, just about a minute faster than Wednesday's running of the same course.

Oh yeah, PB wanted to know where the course went, as, being from London, the poor guy has no clue where I'm dragging him around to. Since I know he reads this blog, the link is

Today was the baby steps. I planned to go long, but cut it short, I planned to run 4 miles marathon pace, but had to slow them down. It was hot, but not excruciatingly so, but it was really really humid. So I ran down to the Art Museum, joined up with a bunch of Philly Runner folks, ran with them up to Falls Bridge, then hammered. Wanted to try out marathon pace, see if I still had it. This would be in the 6-6:05 range. First mile 6:07, then 6:12, then 6:30, and then 6:34 (4 in 25:23 total). This tells me various things, mainly that it was too damn hot to do this kind of workout. But psychologically it puts me a bit closer to the training mentality (hence the baby steps analogy). I also will scale back my expectations for Tuesday's track meet. After I finished this "dash" I stopped for a bit at the base of the Art Museum and dunked my head in the fountain, and mooched gatorade off of LG and E. Socialized a little too long, and was stiff on doing the final leg home. I felt like I breaked too long to call it a true long run (I am a purist after all) but nonetheless covered 15 miles in a relatively slow 1:21:15. I'll take it.

Did I mention it was hot and humid today?


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