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Monday, July 25, 2005

If You See My Little Red Rooster

please drive him home.

Had Luther Allison's version of "Little Red Rooster" on the iPod for the final mile of my run this afternoon, I hung onto it for dear life to finish the loop.

Heat and humidity was oppressive, with the air hanging on me like a wet towel, weighing me down. Unfortunately I had a good bit of energy and started off at a good clip (the MLK mile went by in 7:10) but the weather did me in.

Actually got up this morning to run but it was raining so I went back to bed. Woke up 45 minutes later and the rain stopped. I was pissed. But, again, thank God for second chances and I ran during lunch.

Lots of dummies lined up on the sidewalk along Franklin Field, perhaps they are filming a movie there.

Sweetbriar Loop in 61:18 for about 8 miles. Faster than usual, but not phenomenal. But as much as I had in me in this weather.

Watch out stray cat people, the little red rooster's on the prowl.


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