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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Sponge Bob Hat

My creativity is failing me, hence the title.

Another hot day, but a bit less so than yesterday and actually not a bad day. But running was still a sweaty business. For us burr-headed folks, sweat tends to pour down our faces a bit more intensely than for those that have more hair. My usual hat was unavailable for duty today so I had to go fishing around T's room for a NYC Marathon-Sponge Bob painters hat that I gave him as a souvenier from the NYC marathon last year. It worked fine but looked a bit goofy.

Ran the Drives w/ SG and IC until Falls River Bridge, at which point I was misled up the acclivity (in joke) known as the "bloody nipple" (turning right on the west side of Falls Bridge and heading up Conshohocken Ave). This stretched the loop to 10 miles. As always, good to have the fine company. Run took 77:20.


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