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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Two for One

Although I'm not posting to the blog as regularly as I have been, the good news is that I am getting my runs in this week.

With compromises however. Yesterday I wanted to go 13 but ended up only doing 8 due to an inability to get out of the house in the morning and having to be back in time to get T off to camp. This morning I did the same 8 mile Acme Loop as yesterday, only this time I was accompanied by E. Among the many advantages of running with E is that doing so forces me to get out by 6 am.

I have really felt swamped and stressed, mostly by the extra work demanded by the class I'm currently teaching but also by the need to be flexible with the summer holidays and changes in schedule. In addition to that, little things have started breaking down here and there and the minor inconveniences of this have started to accumulate. One of these things is a major software glitch that has immobilized my home PC and which I am currently figuring out what to do to fix.

Back to the run. When I get stressed like this I tend to notice all the decay on my running routes. There seem to be alot of gut rehabs and tear-downs that I hadn't noticed before. One row in particular, I think it was just off of Parkside Ave, where the outside brick walls were coming down and they somehow looked very thin and fragile, like they were part of a Hollywood set or a Potemkin Village rather than an actual structure. Also noticed how many vacant lots there were on the Acme loop, lots that have the characteristic wooden fence around them and mowed, suburban appearance characteristic of Philadelphia Green's involvement. There was one "control" lot that was unmowed, and that one was actually very pretty with Queen Anne's lace and other blue flowers highlighting the higher plant growth.

Anyway, same route for the last few days, and at 66:42 and 66:04, almost identical times. So combining the two into one post has a certain efficiency that, on a day like today, I find appealing.


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