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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Training for Badwater. . .

would probably go something like todays workout. Wait till about midday on a hot steamy day and then go run. Only in training for that race, I'd probably have on a sweatsuit or two zipped to the neck.

Even without that, running was tough. I ran back from Germantown and took it slow, stopping at the fountains along Kelly Drive to drink. I was just looking to get my miles in, but still managed a 7:50 pace on the marked miles. Almost collided with cyclists three times (2 were very close calls) on Kelly. Didn't run home but to the pool, where I went in and swam some laps. Not that I'm even considering doing a tri, its just a great way to (literally) cool down.

So training continues on survival mode. Salvaged 51 miles out of this week, would love to get 80 next week, but we shall see how it goes. 10+ miles today in 84:02.


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