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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A Mile Too Far

Ran the Strawberry Mansion Bridge loop, taking MLK all the way up to Falls Bridge and then left back to Fairmount Park to pick up the loop again. Started out strong (to MLK in 30:00 and 4 mile MLK stretch in 31:02) but faded from there, especially going up the nasty hill on Conshohocken Ave. In hindsight, should have just done 12 or even 11. But I'm not going to get to run tomorrow as I have to go to DC and then have various evening things here, so I will be able to rest up a little.

Damn geese are all over MLK with their young ones. I steer clear of them whenever I can but it isn't always possible. I've learned a goose is agitated when s/he bobs the head up and down and then starts to hiss.

Ran with an iPod for the first time in awhile. I need new music. In the meantime, had on Uncle Tupelo, Junior Kimbrough and Kenny Brown.

13 miles in 1:44:01.


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