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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

To Be a Rock and Not to Roll

Rolled the rock up the hill again this morning (see yesterdays post). I had a real tough time getting up this morning, and sat on the edge of my bed for what felt like five minutes trying to talk myself out of running. No dice.

Strawberry Mansion Bridge Loop. There is still construction on the Schuylkill bike path, forcing a detour. Once on MLK I ran 12 x 30 second strides (5k pace) with one minute recoveries. Running fast like this was harder mentally than it was physically, as I can't picture myself in racing or "go-fast" shape (I will, however, likely run a little rinky-dink 5k in Fairmount Park this Saturday, courtesy of some prodding by KF). The rest of the run was somewhat leisurely, and the last few miles consisted of fighting through weariness.

On the bright side, the weather continues to be cloudy and cool. Also, Mr. John is now the official porta-potty distributor of Seebo's Run, as he maintains the p-p's along MLK and they have been incredibly clean both times I've used them over the past few weeks.

When I start singing the praises of porta-potties you know its a slow day. Slow and likely to be long, as I go back to Graterford this evening.

12 miles in 99:43.


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