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Monday, May 16, 2005

National Defense

Mondays are the days that are the toughest to get up and run. The urge to take a day off is great, and often justified after good weekend mileage. I resisted that urge this morning and made it out the door. The weather continues to be pleasingly cool, the daylight is now strong at 6am, and E and I went out again on the Acme loop. We have a pattern of good conversation until we get to the Acme distribution center (sounds like a Roadrunner prop), at which point there is a hill where the grade is steep enough to quiet down our jabbering and the conversation never really recovers. However at that point the pace speeds up, aided by a long downhill after Overbrook High, and we cruise the rest of the way.

Todays run was strong, and I was surprised at how good I felt given yesterday's run. I think ultimately there is no figuring this stuff out. 8 miles in 63:35.

The piece of conversation that sticks in my mind, after talking about nuclear armageddon movies and passing by crumbling churches, is the proposition we came up with that the Feds should provide money for renovating these old churches (hopefully before they crumble) in the name of national defense. Particularly for the Christian right, what better investment in national security can there be than a placated, satisfied deity?!

Christ Episcopal Church on 43rd and Chestnut after its tower collapsed.


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