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Thursday, May 05, 2005

I May Be Going to Hell in a Bucket. . .

but at least I'm enjoying the ride.

A Grateful Dead song that popped into my head on this morning's run. Long strange trip would apply too, but that's become too trite.

I'm still running in second gear after Tuesday's ill advised track workout, so I just went long and slow. Made the trek a little longer after realizing, at half a mile out, that I forgot my housekey and returning before the rest of the family left the house. From there I went through Penn to the Art Museum up MLK Drive and up the Lansdowne Hill and, for the first time, up Parkside Ave to where I caught Jefferson/Upland around the Acme food dist. center and popping back out on Lancaster by Overbrook High and then taking 59th St. home.

The marked mile on MLK was in 8:30, and that was roughly the pace I maintained. Total time was 94:13, conservatively call it 10.5 miles in all.

A bit warmer than yesterday and beautiful out. I left an hour later than usual (I teach tonight) and MLK was jammed with cars for a mile from the Art Museum. I took a reverse windshield survey for 1/4 of a mile and counted all but 14 of the cars as having only the drivers in them. All but about two of the multi person cars either had an opposite sex couple or kids in them. I also saw one guy running with a backpack, I assume he was commuting to work.

There are some beautiful houses along Parkside. The best ones are more Brooklyn Style than West Philly rowhouse style, with big front steps and five stories. One apartment management company has got the best of these houses, and from the outside has done a really nice job maintaing them.

Otherwise a beautiful day to be in no hurry to get anywhere.


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