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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Long Distance Information Get Me. . .

Memphis Tennessee. That's where I want to run my next marathon. Its on an apparently flat, fast course; the average temperature on December 3rd is 46 degrees, and the awesomeness of the mix tape I could make in preparation for running it defies the imagination. Its the latter that is the main reason for going. And Graceland, and Beale Street, and Sun Studios, and maybe even a road trip down the Mississippi Delta. This will be cool.

Unless my legs feel like they do today. I whupped on them something bad yesterday. Its strange, as running that stupid 8k track workout has made them more sore than any 8k race I've run. Maybe subconsciously I wanted to partake in Broad St, and now I could at least feel like I've done BSR. My walk has always been a bit odd, culminating with a lift off the toes, and that was excruciatingly difficult to do last night, when I walked to Green Line to have coffee with MCL.

This morning my woes continued, as I the fastest I could get it into was second gear. Thanks to E. for putting up with my slowness, but she is also on the mend from BSR and a pain in her hip. It got to the point where we had to beat a yellow light to get through an intersection and I just couldn't speed up. But I anticipated that and designed a 7-mile loop that took us close to home after 4 miles in case I wanted to cut it short. So I did. 44th to Brown to 51st and back down Larchwood. 4+ miles in 36:58. Ouch.


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