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Monday, May 02, 2005

My 2 Religions

I haven't run in the last 3 days, and thus haven't posted anything either. No reason really except for the weather and other things going on. Greg has me recovering for another couple of weeks still, but I know myself well enough to know I am recovered already. I have no immediate race goals so there isn't any reason to feel like I'm losing fitness. I am, however, conscious of not logging miles and falling behind in comparison to where I was in 04 at this time. I know thinking this way is silly, I just need to convince myself of this.

Yesterday was both T's First Communion and the Broad Street Run. While my priorities were clear and I have no regrets, not running BSR was harder than I thought. For the rest of this entry I'm pasting part of an email I sent IC on this topic, and tomorrow I hope will be the start of putting together some base mileage while I wait for Greg to give me some real workouts again.


Congrats on the run. I did indeed get news from [KF] after I left you the voicemail, but at that time I was jonesing for some kind of news. [KF] was on cloud 9 w/ his PR.

The communion went well. When these things go right its always an affirmation and a celebration of community - both church and family, and in this case thats exactly how I felt - that [T] got to this milestone surrounded by family and friends in a supportive, joyous environment.

I also get much of that from running as well, however, and when we got to the church at 8:30 I couldn't help noticing that the rain had stopped and how perfect the cloudy chilly conditions were. When mass started at noon I pictured y'all right around City Hall and then just blocked it from my mind.

I see the whole LMW A team did well, esp. [S]#37 who will provide us some good competition if he keeps running. [VR] edged out [AN], which is a nice accomplishment and must have gotten her a nice payday. [EM] also ran yesterday and despite asthma problems she's been having she finished in around 71 minutes. After a year of running with me, I think her inner competitive self is starting to come out.

And as I looked at the results I thought of how some of my best races are those that I never ran. In this instance I see myself as easily having beaten the fifth Master (56:20 time) and would have given [JK] (4th master) a run for 4th place (54:52). Instead of cashing the check, however, I would have just have framed it.


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