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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


So today was perhaps the last sign that running is back to its normal routine after Boston, I returned to the my usual 6am run w/ E.

We ran up 46th St. through the new public housing subdivision and out to Merion Ave, took it to 55th St. and then back home through West Philly neighborhoods that don't see runners very often. Its amazing how big West Philly is, with blocks and blocks of blocks that are around but which I've been oblivious to all these years I've been here. This has made running over the last few months akin to exploring.

Speaking of exploring, a story in the paper says that a team broke Robert Peary's record for fastest trip to the North Pole. The amazing thing about this is that Peary's record had stood since 1909. I know that because Peary used to be one of my heroes in elementary school.

Idea of the morning: integrate the Wing-a-thon with the Broad Street Run and make it a duathlon event.

6 miles in 49:06. Hopefully the hardest thing I will have to do all day.


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